Looking for In-House Training Programs for Municipal Water – Wastewater Operators nationwide?

OCT Academy Provides a host of Courses, Individual Classes, CEU programs and Certification Preparation for all Operator Grades – 


Our 27 year old private career school provides effective classes in three categories - Operations, Mathematics and Regulations.


Water Treatment • Water Distribution • Wastewater • Collections

  • Specialty certification classes • Development of New Subject Matter

  • Tutoring programs


Our school’s veteran instructional staff will work with you to develop an in-depth instructional program that will meet your training and / or operator certification goals at all grade levels.


The steps we take to deliver effective municipal water – wastewater training programs are as follows:


1. Define the Purpose of a Proposed Training program


2. Define the Objectives of a short or long term training effort.

a.   Initial course work

b.   Certification preparation

c.   In plant requirements


3. Define Requirements and Prerequisites.


4. Outline Strategy, Approach and End Goals.


5. Identify Training Resources.

•   All operators are supplied with freshly printed support workbooks for every subject matter topic presented.


6. Develop an In-house training schedule.


7. Provide post-training evaluation.


Interested?  Please contact:


Sami Martin – Customer Service / Registrar

OCT Water Quality Academy

5840 Price Ave.

McClellan, California  95652

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Toll free: (866) 266 - 0028